I really should have started this earlier.

Say…2006. I mean I’ve been traveling my whole life.   We did frequently when I was a kid.  Then I went off to boarding school and had to fly back and forth between home and school.  Things slowed down when I married.  For one, husband (now ex) didn’t fly.  It didn’t stop me from flying with the kids alone to visit family from Minnesota to Florida.  Grateful to have friends that live all over the world, the bug made it’s appearance again around 2006 and I’ve been all over the place.  With work and the kids it’s hard to get away and for many years I spent most of my vacation time making sure I visited with my Dad as much as possible.  Thankfully he was in Vegas so I’ve become a local-tourist in that town.  He’s gone now and now I have a back-log of vacation time.  All I can think about is where can I/we go next.

What’s the point of this blog?  I don’t know…what’s the point of any of my blogs.  Once upon a time (that would be once upon a time in college) I thought I wanted to be a writer.  Then I was told I kind of sucked at it.  My Dad thought I was good. My Dad was usually right.  My sister thinks I missed my calling and should be a travel guide.  Well, I can’t give up my day job because someone has to pay the mortgage so this will just be another outlet for my right brain. At some point I’ll revisit some of my former walkabouts, places of interest, and thoughts.   So…for what it’s worth, sit shotgun and come along for the ride.


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