Happy New Year from Ft. Collins

I took the kids to visit my sister in Ft. Collins.  Never thought I would visit a national park in January.  I have to say the Rocky Mountains were stunningly beautiful.  It’s was likely the only chance the kids were going to get in the snow this season.  Snow around the Sierra hasn’t been good so I haven’t bothered with SkiBus reservations.  So we spend a day doing cool things in the park like sledding and checking out the wild elk, sheep and even wild bobcat.  In the evening we strolled the town of Estes and explored the Stanley hotel…you know, the hotel Stephen King based the Shining on.

On our last day, we did a favorite of Ben and I…roadside oddities.  These included touring the Budweiser factory, checking out the sculptures at the Swetsville Zoo and before it got to late, an odd oversized Campbell’s soup can signed by the one and only Andy Warhol.

I think we’ll go back in the summer.  On a sunny day I want to sit on the verandah of the Stanley Hotel with my sisters and  drink sweet tea while watching the kids play in the pool.


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