Running with my hair on fire

The 2012 travel season has begun. Last weekend was a staycation. My sisters flew into town for a sisters weekend. Shopping, a show, a lot of eating, and a show that included eating. We even spent a while day in our pajamas just sitting at the kitchen counter working on a project for Hen’s graduation. Did I mention we ate?




Snack at Tu Lan.  I’ve love it even if it wasn’t one of Julia Child’s favorites.


We didn’t get in the “touring” that I had planned but that was fine.  Once we hit Japantown, it was difficult to pull my sister away because you can’t find shops like that in Colorado.  The Dollar store has nothing on the Daiso.  I love walk through the the grocery store too.  You forget for a few moments that you are still in the US.  I wasn’t brave enough to try these tid bits.  Sometimes you run across things one can’t quite explain.  That’s the cool thing about San Francisco.  In one day you can travel all around the world from Japantown to Chinatown to the Italian North Beach and down to the Latin Mission District.  Just about every ethnicity has it’s own neighborhood somewhere in the Bay Area.


The long weekend went fast.  It was depressing to have my sisters leave. God knows I love living in California…just sucks that I have no family nearby and my closet of friends moved away.  I guess that just means more travel for me.


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