So close, yet so far

Last night I traveled to the not so far off place called West Oakland where I attended a fundraising event and performance for A Mused Collective. There were dancers, drag clowns & musicians…


Acrobats and in air performers…


A silent auctions, wine tasting and best of all, the most surprising San Francisco carnival food I’ve ever tasted from Straw SF.  Who knew how delightful a mini hamburger in a glazed donut hole bun would be!!!


Sometimes I get cynical from Bay Area PC overload and tired of the fringe society and hipsters.  This event was refreshing and I enjoyed being a part of a community coming together to support the arts.  I have to say,  it was the best Saturday night getaway to a local neighborhood I’ve had in quite a while. I also must add, I made out pretty well in the auction too. Always fun to leave with a prize or twoor three or four.


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