Weekend at the Lake

I decided to take the kids on a last minute weekend camping trip to  New Hogan Lake.  I’ve never been much of a camping fan but since Ben joined Cub Scouts, I’ve had to learn to like it.  After all, what is Scouting without camping?  The trip was planned by one of the Scout Dads but we made it a non-scouting event so we didn’t have to adhere to Scouting rules…namely our ability to partake in a cool one in the hot sun. After the last two camp outs in the pouring rain, I was looking forward to a little heat.

Off we went due east through the California Delta to Valley Springs, CA.  I really enjoy these drives with my kids.  They are quite the roadtrippers and it’s interesting (and educational!) to see the agricultural parts of the state, historic markers of the old west and abandoned homesteads.

Being early spring, the campground wasn’t too busy and our view wasn’t littered with dozens of boaters out on the lake.  Free of digital devices and children off on their own adventures, I spent a lot of time sitting and just thinking…thinking, thinking, thinking.  Sometimes my thoughts are too loud…move too fast.  I’m one of those people that don’t like to be out in nature or to go for a hike.  Not because I don’t like nature,…but without “distractions” the conversations in my head are non-stop.  Some people say I over think things…I think I’m just cautious.  Margarita or no margarita, two days was more than enough time for me to be alone with my own thoughts.


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