Plane to the Plains…Omaha bound.

I’m off again.


My nieces graduation party is this weekend so I’m making a quick dash to Omaha. It’s not my one of my usual destinations but I’ve had some good times during my college years in Omaha and any trip where I get to be will ALL my siblings is a good trip.

I had to come all the way out to SFO for this one as there is not easy way to Omaha….I hate connections. On the way to the gate I did pass my favorite International Terminal. *Sigh* one more month…


Isn’t it pretty? I just love the light an energy.

Anyway, so here I sit and wait. Disappointed that there is no ice cream stand in this section.

On kind of fun note, when I checked-in online, Delta gave me the option of printing additional information about my destination such as forecasted weather, restaurants AND a set of Suduko puzzles and 80s Trivia crossword. Bravo, Delta, bravo.


Time to board. See you in Nebraska!


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