Escaping the heat

A predicted hot weather day was a good excuse to take a hour and a half drive to the Pacific coast. I had never been to Bodega Bay so that was the destination. Beautiful it was, but with northern Pacific beauty one also gets Northern California cold. It didn’t stop the crowds for hitting the few beaches on the rocky cliff side town. However, we didn’t see anyone in the water…either the water is just chilly or avoiding the sharks. I don’t know if there is a highway that can compare to driving Hwy 1 along the coast.

After lunch at a rather overcrowded and mediocre seafood restaurant, we headed back inland.  Being so hot, 99 degrees hot, we were about to pass right through downtown Petaluma but my eye caught the Thrifty Hippy and we had to stop.  Inside was my type of eclectic mix of used clothing, record albums, antiques and other odds and ends.  Very cool.

Despite the heat, we continued to explore.  I was really pleased with this little town.  It really isn’t that far from San Francisco but it’s just fare enough that you feel like you are seeing something new and something different from the overpriced upscale retail streets that dot the Napa Valley yet not so tie-dye hippy as the towns further north.  Plus there were many spots along the way that made for good photo opportunities.

Clearly this is Northern California and not Northern Minnesota.

It was an A+ day trip.


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