Day 1 in Rome

The kids were toast by the time we got to Amsterdam…I warned them. Told them to sleep or it would hit them hard and it did…right as we were preping for landing.  I love Schiphol Aiprort, it’s like one big shiny airport mall.  Anyway, after boarding for Rome (another late departure) they both crashed.  They didn’t even know the plane took off.  At least they got a solid two hours of sleep.  The drive to town was uneventful.  I just looked around and realized that colors are the same brown/yellows that we get during Concord Summers.   The closer we got to city center the more alert Ben became.  It was really cool to circle around the Coliseum.  Havana’s one word summed it up, “whoa.”

Roman Colosseum from Car

First Impressions

We checked into our apartment.  It’s not to bad, near the Spanish Steps so the streets are busy with people.  We are down an alley so it’s quiet.   The kids were dead and they did not want to go out except to eat but I forced at short walk to the Spanish Steps.

Spanish Steps

Ben drank from the fountain.  He decided that was way cool and wanted to drink from every drinkable fountain in Rome…Um Ben there are 2,500 of those.  How about a dozen or so.

A cool drink

First Impressions

No disposable water bottles here!

First Impressions


After that, we stopped for a few groceries and pizza.  Havana couldn’t hold on any more and she was out by 7:15.  I’m about to go out too.  A driver is picking us up in the morning for a city tour.  Thank God because it is hot, hot, not.




Piazza Spagana


First Impressions

Ok, last for today and having nothing to do with Rome. Check this guy out.  It was like George Michael circa 1983.  Totally awesome.  Watch out America, this look is coming back and I’m all over it already (note pegged pant legs which I’ve been sporting off and on for about a year).

The 80s are back

First Impressions



3 thoughts on “Day 1 in Rome

  1. Whaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I want to be where you are!!!!!!!!! I had to go a new F—ing job today instead. 😦 ;( 😦

    Think of me every day because I’m thinking of you and I feel like crying. 😦

  2. Looks lik you guys hav already seen a bunch. Are u sure u cam drink from thos fountains?? Might hav the local doc make a hous call and giv u all a shot. LOL… Hey how do they keep the pigeon poop out of thos fountains? Nite 🙂

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