Day 2: And they thought today was hard…

Don’t know if it’s American kids, California kids but these guys have no stamina.  It’s 7:22pm and they are pooped out. Ben flat out lost the battle and is asleep.  Granted, we saw A LOT today and yes, it’s hotter than Hades (ok, slight exaggeration but not by much) but they are gasping like fish out of water and that’s after having a private driver for 3 hours during the really hot part of the day!

That said, the driver really was the way to go.  There are some things that are so worth seeing but precious time is wasted commuting on public transit or walking just to spend 10-15 mintues at the actual site. This evening we picked up our Pope mass tickets at Santa Susanna and attended the 6pm mass.  Whole mass took 30 mintues, I wish all services were that fast.   I took over 200 pictures today.  Here are some of the highlights.  I suppose I could label them all but I’m too tired. It will be another long day tomorrow.

In short, we saw

Pantheon – that took all about 10 minutes.  Very big…hole in ceiling way, way,to many people in one spot.  Fake gladiators out front.  The Romans just reduced themselves to Vegas street actors.

Protestant Cemetery – By far one of my favorite places.  Keats & Shelly are burried there and it seems all sorts of people from around the world are burried there.  Some of the most facinating graves give a glimpse of the life of the deceased. Many came to Rome for their health and then died.  Note to self: if ever sick, avoid Rome.

Mouth of Truth from Roman Holiday -big line, but we stood in it anyway. Kind of stupid really, like the Blarney stone. But I was committed to the line and wasn’t giving up my spot.  Afterwards we went into the church to see the catacombs. Both men and women had to wrap their bare knees in werid cloth like material provided by the church.  Ben said it still smells of death. Hmm.

Aventine Hill and Santa Sabina– two additional favorite places.  Streets are wider, more trees and just down right pretty.  The Orange tree is pretty cool too. Ben, of course, was happy to find another fountain to drink from.

Trevi Fountain- Everyone knows this one.  I’m not a fan.  Too crowded.

Santa Susanna – the American Church in Rome

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T – These last few are for you.

Bike Shop

Good-night everyone.

Sweet Dreams


2 thoughts on “Day 2: And they thought today was hard…

  1. It’s just kids. Have my 10 year old in Bali at the moment and she’s dead by 8.30 and not waking up till 7 – and that’s at a resort! I think the jet lag and the unusual circumstances really drain them….

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