Day 9: Neuchâtel

I’ve had 633 hits on this blog in the last 24 hours. The highest before that was 466.  Wow!  Thanks for coming by I hope you are getting a kick out of some of my stories!

Today was another low key day in Switzerland.  Slept in, sat around the table chatting over coffee, just chillaxing.

We did go for a short walk downtown.  I had to stop at the postoffice to get a shipping box because my suitcase is busting at the seams….  Then we did a bit of window shopping, bought some produce at the farmers market and had a bit of lunch.  Afterwards we took the kids down to the lake for a quick dip.  Ben was almost bitten by a crazy swan. That was the excitement for the day.  Then, back home to make dinner, do some laundry and just hang with my friends before we leave tomorrow afternoon 😦   The kids and I will be very, very sad to leave.  I really need to start learning French…or Italian.

Enjoy todays picture gallery.   There are a lot of market pictures for my brother.  A few others for some other random friends out there.


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