Day 10: Travel Day, Switzerland to The Netherlands

Another travel day for the three of us.  Time moves fast.  Seem just yesterday that we arrived in Europe.

When we first arrived in Switzerland.

….and then we had to go.

Time to leave.

It was an hour train back to Geneva and our last chance to enjoy the Swiss view.

Train to Geneva

Sunflower field. It’s hard to see here, save picture and zoom in. It’s cool.

We were arriving late in Amsterdam so we had to get dinner at the Geneva airport.   First, the food was very good.  Fresh made pizza, tempura, salad.

Dinner at Geneva Airport

The price….$65 US.

The bill

Really?  They even charged me  for 2 ketchup packages…serioulsy.  You know why it’s so expensive? 1) Because it’s Switzerland and everything is expensive. 2) Because they can. But we had to eat….

The flight itself was not too long but it was full of babies. Loud babies all around us and toddlers wanting out of their seat and wanting to run up and down the aisle.  The noise was so stressful that when we hit a really bad patch of turbulence (probably one of the worst I’ve felt with two fast drops), the small kids screamed, scared my kids enough that they grabbed me and caused Havana to call out “What’s happening, what’s happening!”  We could not get off that plane fast enough.

On arrival Ben was greeted by his cows.

Ben and his cows

It was 10:00pm by the time we made it to the apartment.  No time to shop for food.  I bought some milk boxes in Geneva and packed some granola so we should be good until the morning grocery run.  Ben and Havana settled in fast.  Thankful that there is cable and here there are shows in English.

Already settled in.

Tomorrow another adventurous day in country #3.

As I go off to bed, here are a few more photo memories of our time with Jen, Brian, Ari and Emi in Switzerland.  (Miss you guys already!!! Have a great trip to Thailand!)

Just arriving

Sitting in the kitchen with Brian

Putting blue streaks in the girl’s hair

The kids 🙂

Emi and Ben in the morning

Good-bye, see you again soon.


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