Day 12: Celebrity Constellation @ Port of Amsterdam

It’s a travel day of sorts today. We checked out of our apartment at noon and headed over to the port.

Ben was greeted by a cow friend.


It took about an hour to get through the check in process before we got on the boat. We made it early enough to enjoy the buffet lunch which was really good. That’s what I like about International cruises, they cover all food types, Asian, Indian, American and all kinda of fresh fruits. They even had fried chicken ( did you hear that, Tom!).

Ben was itching to unpack and organize the room. Havana was itching to go find her peeps. From what they told us at Ben’s kid club check-in, there are 180 kids in her age group. I fear I’ll not see her for 12 days except at dinner and our tours. So Havana disappeared and Ben and I went to calm our OCD by putting away our clothes organized the room. (ahh! Boat moving!).

We then had the mandatory muster drill. Havana as promised was there waiting for us. When that was over, both went their own direction and I find myself in the solarium watching Amsterdam going by and writing this before I lose my connection.


That’s about it for now…it’s just me and my thoughts until dinner.



Find me here a bit later…



Check out the size of that boat!


Link to departure video.


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