Day 13: at sea..somewhere in the Baltic

Well my Internet may be limited but at least I can blog on my iPhone and upload later. I see why older people love cruises. In a way it’s the modern day version of the all inclusive summer lodges like the one in Dirty Dancing. Differences is mine travels during the night through Europe Best of all, while I lie on my bed sleeping, Vijay my room attendant delivers my morning breakfast so I can enjoy my coffee and toast in my pajamas.


I’ve had a pinched nerve in my back for at least a week and with no chiropractor in sight, I scheduled a morning massage (I know, poor me). The young masseuse was very chatty about crew life on the lower deck. Sounds like one big drunken frat party.


Afterwards I took a dip in the Thalassotherapy pool in the grown-up solarium and then checked out the various saunas in the Persian gardens including a lovely herbal shower. I had no idea where the kids were. Off in their little clubs.


After a quick bite, I started my beverage stockpiling. I bought the non-alcoholic beverage package for myself and the soda package for the kids. So the kids aren’t charged for bottled water and vita-water, I grab one at every bar a d stockpile in our room fridge. I paid enough for other services…I’m going to get my money’s worth on this $18 day beverage package.

On my way to unload I ran into Havana. She was on her way to “hang out” with other kids. Ben was in the room watching a movie but soon on his way to the kids club. I then grabbed a few things and headed to an afternoon talk by actress Victoria Tenant. Her mother was a famous Russian ballerina. Her mom died some years back but she is finally making it back to her mothers homeland in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was very interesting and she will be giving several other lectures. Her kids are about the same age as Ben and Havana…which is remarkable since she is over 50.


Later I met up with Ben so he could enjoy a dip and the grown-up pool and then we were off to “formal night.” Always another amusing activity in cruise line cheese. The kids love it because how often do they get to dress fancy? Ben loved the added attention of looking very “smart” in his tan summer suit. Dining room meals are fun because the kids can order off the fancy menu. Last night the had big eyes and ordered appetizers and salad only to learn they were full by the time their entree arrived. Tonight, lesson learned, they only ordered entrees only. What was most amusing was the appearance of frogs legs on the menu.


Shortly After dinner was the “big production” show with the cruise line singers and dancers doing a broadway style show. Havana skipped it to go be with her peeps so it was just Ben and I. Surprisingly it was quite good. I’ve been on several cruises and I think this was the first time I thought the performers could actually sing. speaking of dancers, on the way to the theater we passed through a lounge and caught sight of this older couple cutting up the floor. I saw them yesterday along with a handful of older couples dancing in the same lounge. I wish my generation knew how or danced as often like these folks do. It’s sad to me, at least in my personal experience, that no men I knew could not nor would not learn how to partner dance. I guess old school dancing with a woman isn’t as exciting as video games, Internet or television. Who knows



That show finished up around 945pm and Ben and I headed off to the buffet for our late night frozen yogurt, to watch the sunset and to marvel at the viewing holes in the dining area floor. While chit-chatting he asked me, “Mom, tell me how you picture your ideal retirement.” Cute.




One other thing I like about this boat is all the artwork. It’s everywhere. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, things that look like something a kindergartner made… Ben takes issue with latter type of art…



Finally it was back to our room for a movie and to wait up for Havana. Everyone all safe and tucked into Bed. Tomorrow we wake up in Germany.


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