Day 14: please hold… UPDATED Waremunde & Rostock Germany

It pains me to not be able to keep up on this blog while we sail. Then only connection I have is this expensive satellite connection that is as slow as dial up! I can upload on my iPhone faster to Facebook. I just don’t feel like flooding my Facebook page and imposing my commentary to everyone’s news feeds. Sigh…going forward I may be able to give you my running commentary in words but I’m afraid the picture shows will be very weak. I just can’t upload these photos…seriously…5 minutes a photo. You just know the ships IT guys are directed to sabotage the connection speed to maximize the $ collected. Grr


On Monday we visited Waremunde/Rostock, Germany.  Once upon a time (literaly like in a land far, far away) it was a very important trading port in the baltic.   Although they are within the borders of Germany, the people of Mecklenburg think of themselves as their own people…a country/state as that is how they were for hundreds of years.  Our tour guide told us about his parents who were raised in East Germany and to this day they wish it was E. Germany since they were simple farming folk and did like the simplicity and protection that lifestyle offered.  Of course, that would not have worked well for the tour guide as he was an intellectual and would not have had the educational opportunities that post-wall collapse offered.

The area itself was not as interesting as other sites and countries we have visited.  Simply, most of Rostock was destroyed during the war so most structures are modern or based of historical notes..other than the socialist style housing built while under East German rule.  There were a few original structures that were interesting. Ben and I were amused taking pictures at this Socialist created Sculpture of Joy…I guess the kids at the University behind it call it the Sculpture of Porn…we can see why.

We did see one church that was undamaged.  Interestingly the church pastor worried about losing valuable that he buried many items in fields around the church.  Sadly he died during the war so no one knew what he did with them.  That large baptismal vessel in the picture was found by a farmer in the 1970’s.  The vessel dates to about 1290 A.D.  Of course, Ben and I had to reach out and touch it.

After that we went so something called the Strawberry barn.  It’s a local strawberry themed German shopping destination.  You can find good produce, there is a children’s play area with petting zoo (best free park I’ve ever seen, the US could use a place like it) and souvenirs.  I was not taken by the souvenirs….most were nautical or strawberry themed.  Nothing useful.  The produce was nice and we did have the best strawberry cake I’ve ever tasted.

That’s about it.  I tossed in some other raondom pics from the boat.

Anyway, I seem to have better luck uploading my pictures to Picasa.  So for now, here is a Picasa Picture Link.


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