Day 16: Stockholm and Sigtuna

Just arrived and drove through the city just past the port. Reminds me a bit of Minneapolis it got even more Minnesota as we headed to Sigtuna the oldest city in Sweden. It was interesting to hear about the old Vikings, Chieftains and warlords and to imagine how life used to be around 900 to 1000AD. It’s very pretty and very green. Seeing mosquito repellant at the pharmacy was a reminder that here too lurks the mighty blood sucker.

We lit this one for Dad.


Not sure what this was. I will have to look it up later.

And of course a very Minnesotan looking lake. Bye Sigtuna!

Next stop was the Vasa Museum. This ship sank on its maiden voyage thanks to a king who wanted to have it bigger, larger, better. Here it is in miniature. 20120711-124919.jpg

Here it is live. Too big to get on camera 20120711-124955.jpg

We stopped for lunch in the museum restaurant. Best meatballs ever! Sorry IKEA… Ben, of course had the Swedish pancakes.


Best of all was the vat-o-unlimited whipped cream. 20120711-125226.jpg

I’d like to thank the Vasa Museum free wi-fi for the ability to get my posting fix for the day.

Oh, hey office…

Walking around the Marina outside of the Vasa, Havana, Ben and I got to thinking that being here didn’t feel so foreign as we felt in Italy. It was a cross between California marinas and North East Coast seaside cottages. Well see what old town feels like next.

We just finished old town Stockholm and we liked that part very much! We love old buildings and narrow streets, even if there are a lot of tourist shops. On the down side we must have went into at least 50 shops and not one knock-off ABBA shirt. All this way and not one thing ABBA? Tragic. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Stockholm this morning. It feels like a city for living and working…not much different from other cities. After the tour I could see coming back here alone or with my sisters to explore. With my kids, like Switzerland, it would be best if we had friends with kids similar in age. I think they would be happier to be at a lake cabin, amusement or park with other kids…not just a 6 hour cruise tour. 20120711-151646.jpg20120711-151729.jpg





Back to the boat. Someone is not feeling so well. I think it’s another sinus attack. Poor guy. Time for him to rest up, we have Russia in 2 days!!


Well Ben recovered enough to attend our second formal dinner night.  He hates missing a chance to dress up.  After dinner and after Havana abandoned us for the teen scene, we went to the second Celebrity Showcase with the crusie lie singers and dancers called “Make Believe”  Reviewers give cruise ship shows a bad rap.  Granted, I’ve taken several cruises and they were just below a Disneyland parade.  However, the showcases on this boat are spectacular!  The costumes are colorful and amazing, the sets were detailed, the singing is as good as many SF musicals the dances are well choreographed, there was even ribbon aerial act a la Cirque du Soleil and OMG they made it snow in the theatre! Bravo Celebrity X, Bravo!  I wish my pictures were better but all I had was my iPhone.

This is what we sailed away from…really?  Could you imagine having a waterfront cabin like this and being able to watch the big cruise ships go by?


4 thoughts on “Day 16: Stockholm and Sigtuna

  1. Thank you for the pink bike. I love Stockholm; I could imagine living and working there, at least until the winter darkness set in. It’s funny to see you all bundled up. It’s still very hot in DC, and I keep thinking, “why are they wearing fleece?”

  2. Enjoying your blog! I hoped to take a Baltic cruise one day. Especially enjoyed hearing about Victoria Tennant’s lectures. Would love to see more pics and info about her and her lectures.

  3. What a bunch of troupers, lookin forward to Russia,pic aught to b great.118degrees here today, pool just barely refreshing

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