Day 21: Out at Sea

After 5 days of touring…I really needed a day at sea break. Not that I’m totally off the hook, having to keep an eye on Havana and her foot. She was all discombobulated because despite the injury, I was NOT allowing her to ramble about the boat as she has the last 8 days. I told her that in 3 days we have to disembark at 6am and rush to the airport to make a 9:50am flight back to San Francisco. I need her to be able to walk and pull her own bags so she better stay off that foot!

Its iffy if she will even be able to make our last tour in Copenhagen tomorrow. Ugh.

Other than that, I watched another two lectures by Victoria Tennant, 1) a follow up to her visit to St. Petersburg and being able to see her Grandmothers home. Which along with 2 other “palace” homes were called The Three Sisters…I haven’t mentioned this before but this has become a reoccurring theme for me. Not only am I one of 3 very special sisters, I ate at a pub in Amsterdam called The Three Sisters and I saw a hotel in Estonia called The Three Sisters. (Hey Evonne and Linda, I think I found our identical tattoo theme). the afternoon lecture was about her work on on of the last epic TV mini series that seemed to die in the 80’s, The Winds of War with Robert Mitchum.

That’s about it. Started to go through our stuff and come up with a packing strategy that won’t require me to buy another bag….

Pictures to come….





One thought on “Day 21: Out at Sea

  1. Thank you so much for sharing more about Victoria Tennant’s lectures. If you haven’t ever seen Winds of War and War and Remembrance, you should watch them! Unbelievable epics. Thank you again!

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