Day 22: Copenhagen, Denmark

I think we’ve all hit a wall.  We missed out tour today.  1) Havana still nursing that foot injury.  2) I woke with a screaming migraine and could not get into the medical facility until 9am.  You know, I don’ t think anyone even cared.  I’ve never been to Denmark and I very much wanted to spend time here, but I also know a cruise stop over wasn’t going to be enough.  I know that I will return to Denmark sometime in the future and spend several days.  So we all forgave ourselves and just did whatever.  Havana stayed in and Ben and I took the shuttle to town and just walked around.  I don’t know what I saw, what these building are or were, we had hamburgers for lunch and we did a very touristy thing and went into the Guinness Book Museum.  At lunch Ben was so quiet and just staring.  I said to him, “You know, I know we are all kind of bummed out the trip is over but at the same time I’m very tired..mentally tired.  Tired of the hectic tour pace, tired trying to absorb all the sites and information, tired of souvenir shops, tired of living out of one suitcase. I miss my bed.”  He said, “yeah. I’m tired too.”

I don’t think we were out more than 2 hours.  We came back put on out swim suits and just went to sit in the hot pool.  As we sat over the bubble jets, we stared up at the atrium glass watching the puffily clouds sail by. I said to him, “you know, it would be really cool if it started to rain on the windows.”  5 minutes later…it started to rain. 🙂

I don’t think it’s just us who have hit the wall.  As I sit here writing this, I’ve overheard several other people at tables around me discuss the various down moods of their travel companions, wives snapping at their husbands, or just hearing the sharp edge of “I’m done” in their voices.

Tomorrow is our last day at sea.  Thursday morning at 6:00am sharp Havana, Ben and I abandon ship and dash to Schipol airport to make a 9:50am flight home.  I’m going to be stressed until we are all buckled-in on that flight home.  Thankfully the ship doctor was kind enough to give me an extra migraine pill…just to cover me until I get home.  Thanks Doc.

Denmark, I’m sorry I did not give you the time and attention you deserved.  I promise to make it up to you.


One thought on “Day 22: Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. I’m sure Denmark will forgive you. It’s like that.

    You had a very exciting and adventurous trip — it’s not surprising that you miss your own beds!

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