Day 23, 24, 25: Home again, home again.

Our last day on board was a sea day.  Nothing but eating, sitting, swimming and eating, saying good-bye to our favoirte staff…and trying to make our luggage close.

Ben and his dinner buddies.

We were off the boat at 6am sharp on the 19th to catch our 9:50am flight home.  It seemed to take forever…or I was just really tired.  After the lines through customs it was nice to walk past the metal doors back into the San Francisco ocean air.

Waiting for our flight home.

Passport check at SFO. Visitors to the left, US citizens to the right….

We are at home, struggling with laundry and jet lag.  Thankfully it’s a Friday so I have time to right myself up…and my hair… before work again on Monday.

Jet Lag hair….

Thanks for all who came by to read our little travel blog.  It really is one of those once-in-a-life adventures and I know I will never regret taking the chance and doing it.  It’s one thing to read about history or watch travel programs about foreign countries…it’s a life changer to actually see it all face-to-face and have a few moments to live amongst it all. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to be part of that life change that occurred in my children.

As for what’s next?  Nothing quite this big. I’d like to get to Vegas one more time before the end of summer.  In the future, maybe a Dude Ranch? Another Europe trip with my sisters? We’ll see…..!

Happy summer everyone!


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