Back in the USA

It’s been a week since the kids and I returned from our month long Europe vacation.  It’s just a memory now. I can’t even put the experience into words as it was a little bit of everything from surreal to spectacular.  I kept a separate blog for friends, family and anyone else who happened to stumble upon my blog.


Now I’m back, the kids are now on summer vacation with their Dad and I’m getting back into day-to-day routine.   My first weekend back I was struggling jet lag so the best thing I could do with to get out of the house….one can’t nap if they are out and about.   I went to Oakland and hit the Lake Merritt Farmers Market.

I couldn’t resist a waffle covered in cream.

I was really amused as I looked around.  The fruit and food stands were so Bay Area.

I was really amused as I looked around. The fruit and food stands were so “Bay Area”

Interesting vendors with the most delicious fruit.

Tent tea houses…

Lemonade shaken on ice…

Voter registration sign-ups….
Organic this and organic that…

Pretty summer colors…

Plants with magical power for the 99%…

Food stands by the best restaurants…

Naked babies in the fountains…

And of course, hotdog eating death skeletons and…

Music and laundry…Welcome home  🙂

Sunday I was out in Berkeley.  We checked out the Ashby Flea Market but I found it…uninspiring.  The big one out in Concord is way better.  We also made a stop at this house on Telegraph.  It was a little like the Ali Baba that went to in Switzerland.  The owner was quite an interesting fellow…He grew up in the house and it was stuffed…with stuff.  I found hom to be a hidden treasure of Berkeley.


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