I’m Blessing the Rains…

It’s been one of those years. Lots of work, little travel…it happens. I was back in DC two weeks ago but I don’t know if that really counts. As an American, sometimes it doesn’t seem like travel to stay within the lines of your own country. Ok, that’s just me and I’m sure people would like to smack me for that assumption. Afterall it IS a couple thousand miles to get from San Francisco to the East Coast. However, that did not satisfy my soul. I need roadsigns and menus in languages I do not speak, I need distance that requires additional paperwork and customs checks. I’ve been tossing around a few idea for Christmas break but all my kids want are Disneyland, the desert and Las Vegas. Then a little bird dropped a seed, “Wanna see Springsteen in Cape Town?”

Yes, yes I do.

Hurry girl, it’s waiting there for you.


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