I wish everywhere was as easy to get to as Las Vegas

Off to Vegas again.   It’s an easy destination being only an hour flight and on OakAirportthe return, I can be on a 6:30am flight and back in the office by 8:30am.  I don’t have any particular reason to get out-of-town other than I want to…and it’s time for new ink. Due to Bay Area fog my flight was delayed 4 hours.  Strange me didn’t seem to mind.  I was in an airport…my happy place.

20131108_154250My sister and I met her husband down at the Fremont Street area for dinner.  I haven’t been down there in a few years.  I almost prefer that end of town to the strip because it’s…gritter and it seems the artists gravitated more in that direction.  Anyway, it’s been under its own renovation for a long time and slowly being gentrified.  Do I mind?  I don’t know…kinda.  In 20131108_154232that same way that I feel San Francisco is ruined.

Nonetheless the food was good and I hear the original location is in Sacramento so that gives me a destination to check out when I’m back at home.  Other than that, didn’t do much but chill with my sister.

20131109_124358They have a queer little flea market open on weekends.  Nothing really useful but interesting to look around.  The light fixture is fabulous.

But my main objective was to get new ink.  This is a late in life interest for me.  I could not do it while my Dad was alive.  People say to me, “do you reallyIMG_20131109_192346 want that on you when you are old?”  Actually yes, yes I do.  When I lie on that embalming table they are going to look down at my old bones, spend some time admiring my art, wondering what it all means and think, “wow, that old lady must have had a colorful life.”

imagejpeg_0Even my 50+ year-old sister and husband aren’t adverse to a little color. Albeit, a bit more handholding required.

Dave is English and a really good artist.  Look him up if in Vegas and looking for a good artist that isn’t in some flashy tourist Tattoo shop on the Strip.  HERE

All ending with a tower of Chicken and Waffles at Hash House a Go-Go…the one NOT on the strip.



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