Are we there yet?

Ok, maybe I’m a bit punchy because I’m tired, because my brain nor my watch have any idea what time it is, because I have the window seat next to a very kind Dutch couple that are both over 6 feet tall, or because according to my fitbit I’ve walked only 347 steps in the last 12 hours.   God bless KLM and their dozen of caring flight attendants who have been feeding us perfectly protein balanced snacks and meals with hand cut apple slices and miniature sweets every 3 hours.

They must have read the article on the Delta flight about the importance of maintaining proper insulin levels to counter act the unbalanced hormones in all of us passengers over the age of 40, which is 80% of this flight. I’m already feeling increased memory loss as I think I’m re-watching a movie I’ve already seen called “He’s just not that into you.” Clearly I was “just not into” this movie the first time around.   All I know is this trip is mother flipping long.  I thought Manila was bad…this is worse.  I must get these long distance adventures over before I hit retirement.

Anyway, I made it.  Happy to see driver holding a sign with my name because any minute I was going to forget it myself.

All checked for the night. Going to bed.



2 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. According to the box, it was called pizza. It was more like sauce on top of bread. Wasn’t horrible but not as good as the egg salad sandwich they served earlier.

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