In Amsterdam….10 more hours to go.

So far so good. The AMS flight from Seattle not as long to get here as out of SFO. It’s the first time I’ve flown in the winter so I saw some pretty views of what I believed were the Canadian rockies.  I remember flying as a child and the long arduous hours sitting there reading old copies of Teen beat and 16 magazine that I brought with me. These individual entertainment systems are a godsend.  Especially for the children on board.  I am here now and no time to browse the shops in my favorite airport in the world.   I love the Dutch. I love this city.  I should have stayed a day. Oh well, onward.

I never thought I’d make it to South Africa until retirement age.  I came on this trip because my friend, T, thought it would be fun to see Bruce Springsteen in his first ever concert in SA.   She is more of a super fan than I am but I will admit his shows are, for lesser words, a spiritual revival in the church of rock n roll.  It really quite spectacular.  So imagine my delight when I found a Ridley Scott documentary called Springsteen and I in the program line up on my mini-movie screen. The film wasn’t so much about Springsteen the entertainer as it was his impact on people.  I did not come away with thinking, what a great dude Bruce is (although he truly is), but more if you “believe” in something, (in all its shapes and forms) life will take you some pretty interesting journeys.  I can’t wait to see what Bruce and life has in store for me in this corner of the world. 


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