Day 1- Slept well, feeling refreshed.

Ahh, amazing what a good nights sleep will do.   I’m kind of bummed out by the time difference between Cape Town and San Francisco because it’s hard to check in with the kids.  When I wake up, they are asleep, when they are asleep, I’m getting up.  Oh well..hope they are reading this.

T and I stayed this one night at the V&A Hotel on the waterfront as we were checking into our apartment later in the day.  We had a lovely little breakfast with…to quote Lydia from Pride and Prejudice, “cold meats and all sorts of good things.”  Not that I like “cold meat” but it seemed so “colonial” that I just had to have some with bread and marmalade.  They even had oysters.  I’m not a huge fan of those either but you know, when in Rome, or in this case…Cape Town.

wpid-20140124_235537.jpgdrinking coffeeSo there we sat with our fresh fruit, coffee and cold meats enjoying the morning view of Table Mountain.  All along feeling an abundance of gratitude for having such privilege to see this part of the world.wpid-20140125_003410.jpg

Afterwards we went for a stroll along the waterfront which has all kinds of gourmet markets and fresh green juices, spices, baked goods. You’d think you were in San Francisco.


Then it was off to a local outdoor marketplace in city center.   Where we also happened upon a knock-off Woolworth’s.    wpid-20140125_021343.jpg

flower lady


Finally to the Cape Quarter shopping center next to the apartment to pick up some groceries and a bottle of South African wine.  Have you ever seen milk in a bag?wpid-20140125_050300.jpgwpid-20140125_054320.jpg

It’s a nice neighborhood lots of shops and restaurants.  I can’t quite figure out if Cape Town is a resort town or what exactly.  It seems so isolated down here yet they really have some cool things going on around here.  Did you know that Cape Town is the design capital for 2014?

For dinner we walked down to Long street.  T really wanted to go to a pub called the Dubliner.  We sat there, had a drink and talk with a very friendly bartender who had very interesting stories. After a while we tried to make a decision about dinner. The bartender suggested a Mexican place.  I blinked…and said, Dude I live in California.  I didn’t come to Africa to eat Mexican.  He laughed and then recommended a popular African joint.  However, as we were warned by our taxi driver, if you don’t call a restaurant for reservation first, you won’t get good service.  He was right. No table for us. The quest took us to the  Mexican joint and even there we couldn’t get a table.   Finally we found a spot at the Royal Eatery.  It was pretty good.


Long street is quite a scene.  Almost like Mardi Gras on Bourbon street…with very young drinkers.  That was enough for us and we wanted to head back to our apartment.  We walked a bit looking  for what we thought was a reputable cab…one of the big named ones we were in earlier in the day.  I noticed that the guy didn’t turn on the meter so I confronted him.  He tried to tell me there was a set rate of $30US.  Um no….  I argued and we got out of the cab quick.  Our earlier taxi driver also warned us about these guys.  I had the card of our earlier taxi and I called him.  Sure enough someone from Uni Cab came to get us.  Total REAL cost for the trip?  $4.

That’s about enough excitment for the day.  Off to bed, tomorrow Robben Island.

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6 thoughts on “Day 1- Slept well, feeling refreshed.

  1. Weather looks like California — you’re used to it but must be a nice change for Theresa. Funny about the Mexican restaurant referral. Last year, my brother (from San Diego) ate at a Mexican restaurant in Thailand (!) and had the “Tijuana plate” !! Going to Cactus to pick up takeout now . . .

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