Day 2.75..can’t sleep, again.

After Robben Island we tried to go shopping but I was so tired and sunburn I could not take the Sunday crowds.  We came back to the apartment and I crashed for 3 hard hours.  About 8pm I went to the lobby to join T for a cocktail and then we walked down the street for dinner.  By 10:30pm I was asleep again.  By 4:00am, BAM wide awake.  I don’t feel very well and I don’t know if it’s just the sunburn or if I’m starting to catch a cold.  Not good since today we have an 8.5 tour of the city and the peninsula.

Perhaps I will peek out my window and and soon as I see the market gate open, I’ll go across the street for some Advil, juice and sunscreen.

Day 3



4 thoughts on “Day 2.75..can’t sleep, again.

  1. Sus- keep smiling, great photos, great historical interp – yes, get a hat. Golf updates? Gary Player and many other great South African golfers…. Keep enjoying! JH

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