Day 5 – Shopping and Afternoon Tea

Well, let’s see, what did I do today….

I started out the morning just hanging out in the apartment and doing a bit of work. The cold, still holding on. T went off to a museum and other educational pursuits and I went shopping. Lucky for me Cape Quarter is great for shopping. Tour guide the other day told us that South Africa limits imports so there is an abundance of clothing, art, home goods, foods that are all manufactured in South Africa. I was so excited by this! I’m sure if I went out into the big mall I’d find a lot of the usual..Gap, Guess, Forever 21 type junk. However, not in the Cape Quarter. With the exception of some European items (which i can’t say because they are presents for the kids and they read this blog), everything is from South Africa. Really beautiful and fun things. There was also an art Gallery and I fell in love with the whimsy of David Kuijers. I wanted to buy a painting but I would have to give up an overseas adventure to do that. It’s now on my to do list, that’s for dang sure. (Update…a few hours before I left, I did go to the gallery and DID buy the Kuijers painting and shipped it home. I friggen cried over the thought that someone else may buy it…I’m crazy, I know). I so wanted to take pictures of some of these places but they make it clear that photos are discouraged. I was lucky enough to get a few shots from the outside. Below are pictures from around Cape Quarter.

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Later, T and I met up for Afternoon Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel.

Now, I had heard that this place is #2 in terms of best places in the world to have afternoon tea. I’ve tried to Google it but so far have not found the source. I must say, it was very beautiful. I think they’ve gone a little to soft on their dress code because I saw many Teva’s in the dining room. All-in-all, it was very beautiful, the gardens delightful and the tea service divine. What made it even more special to me was the variety of accents heard around the dining room and the veranda…English, German, Dutch. It felt like a scene out of a movie.  Where is my Robert Redford strolling through the grounds in Safari clothes?

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Afterwards, we strolled back to the apartment. I tried to start sorting through my packing and instead fell asleep. My sleep patterns have not fallen into place yet and tomorrow night I leave. Maybe readjusting to US time won’t be so difficult.

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