Day 6 – It’s almost time to go :-(

It’s my last day in one of my new favorite cities. This morning I hopped over to the market for treats and sweets to bring home. I’m still struggling with this cold so I also loaded up with supplies to get me through the 30 hour flight home. I’m somewhat bummed because there are many things I missed seeing because my heath just wasn’t cooperating.

Close by and one of the last things on my list i could manage was to visit this coffee place called Truth. If you are a coffee person, you just gotta click the link and check it out. However, I wanted to visit the Truth coffee location that is called the Truth Coffee – Prestwich Memorial.


What? Memorial? Ok, ready for the short story…While excavating Cape Town for new construction, they discovered multiple remains that turned out were many forgotten graves. These graves go back hundreds of years and contained the remains of slaves, paupers, and anyone marginalized. Wanting to do something respectful for these forgotten souls, Cape Town created a memorial and wanted to do something positive with the space around it. So a memorial building and park space was created and this awesome coffee company moved in too. Really, you just need to read about it. CLICK

Inside is a lovely place to sit and enjoy coffee, work, or just think. Also inside is memorial to these people, historical information (like a museum) and a small space you can go enter into that tells you a bit more about the lives of these people and their current resting area. Some might think it’s a little creepy. I found it beautiful….they were finally given a proper resting place that they were denied centuries before.


 Toward the back of Truth Coffee, the small dark entrance into the memorial grave spaces. You have to stoop down to get in.


Once through the doorway, there is an inner brick wall room with more historical documents on the wall and these slatted gates.


I put my camera up close to get a good picture through the door slats. Notice how none of the boxes are stacked unless the remains required 2 boxes. They don’t stack out of respect. The memorial is big enough that in the event they encounter yet another unmarked grave, bones can be exhumed and the remains can be given a proper resting place.  I think that’s kinda cool.

20140130_002755  20140130_002253

After those moments of reverence, it was back to some last-minute shopping, lunch at the lobby patio at our residence and then I went up to begin my prep and packing before my pick-up and return to the airport in the evening. Then it’s a 30 hour trudge back to the states.

Holiday endings are always a bit melancholy, aren’t they.   I am anxious to get home and see the kids. I can’t wait to crack open my luggage so they can see all the gifts I brought home to them. At the same time, I’ll miss the adventure of this new country, the beauty, the hospitality and most of all having the opportunity to travel with one of my best’est friends.

See you for the travel round-up when I get home.

Click here for wrap-up.


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