New York, New York, It’s a beautiful town…but maybe not in February

Packing again.  Off to NYC tomorrow night  Long overdue to see friends.  Bought my ticket and then realized I forgot I had a presentation (via video) that I was supposed to give on Friday.  So I guess it’s work from NYC office on Friday…and then time with friends.  I had to buy a coat.  I don’t own city coats for 20 degree weather….just cold weather camping.  I’m trying to get by on one 12″x 14″ compression bag of clothing.  It would be easy if the curve ball of needing work clothes wasn’t sent my way.  I dislike red-eye flights.  I’m going to be quite a site during the presentation.

UPDATE: Not much to post since 1/2 of my very fast weekend was work oriented.  Afterward, I spend the evening and Saturday with my two friends.  On Satruday we went to check out the New York Times Travel convention and spend the rest on the afternoon/evening in their favorite Irish pubs.  Due to looming snow storm, I left at dark o’clock Sunday morning so I wouldn’t get stuck.

NYT Travel Convention

NYT Travel Convention


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