Day 2: Cruise departure day Port of Barcelona

Sure enough, starting at 5:30am, sleep eludes me.  It’s after 7am now and I’m wondering where the heck is the daylight?  Sisters asleep.  I may have to go out for a walk and watch the street wake-up on my own.

To be continued….
…and indeed she went. I could not wait for the sisters to wake up. A whole new city was waiting for me and I was excited to meet her as much as I hope she is excited to meet me. I took a slow stroll down to the port and watched the residents wake up. Cafe tables were being set, vendors arranged their stalls and tourists made their way down la Rambla with their luggage. I was there to greet them all with a smile. I was even stopped at one point by a Spanish speaking couple asking for directions to a super market. I reached back into the deep crevices of my mind for the once fluent Spanish lurking back there and was able to pull out enough vocabulary to give proper directions to the markets I had passed on the way. I am filled with such delight with moments like that. I don’t want to be “that American tourist.” I like the feeling that I belong here…that others also perceive me as one that belongs here.

Eventually hunger seized me so I walked into a small cafe restaurant and sat at the bar for coffee. That wasn’t enough. I was in BARCELONA I was going to have breakfast and take the time to talk to the people. I sat and savored my huevos fritos con patatas as I watched them fill the bar display with mouth watering dishes. Oh how I wish the lifestyle at home was like this.



I then headed back to the hotel to find sisters sill asleep but it was time for them to wake up so I told them the story of my morning adventure. Hurry! Don’t let the day get away from us!

Later that morning….

Wow traffic was a bear to get through and we were less than 2 mile from the port. Some people seriously opted to walk with luggage in tow. That sure wasn’t going to happen with us. Once aboard, we had a little lunch, put away our wardrobes and them got down to some serious vacationing.

Linda started with a bit of hooping.


I said “thank you” to every passerby that that complimented my tatts…

…and Vonny…she wasn’t here.

That last one pretty much sums up how the remainder of the day will be.  That’s how we sisters like to vacation.

Click here for Day 3



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