Day 4: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Well…another day turned into 11am the next day!!!  I don’t know what was in those cocktails last night…or the fact that the cabins have really good sun-blocking curtains but it was so dang dark that none of us woke up until around 11am.  Crazy.

Vonny and I got up, threw on some clothes and at least made “brunch.”  Back down in the cabin, Linda finally got up and she wanted to go into town.  I was indifferent.  Vonny wanted to just stay aboard and go find some sun.  I agreed to go with Linda because you can’t go into France alone.  I mean really, I’m in the French Riviera…got off my American arse and off this American boat and go into town, right?


It was 1pm by the time we got our show on the road. Linda and I took the boat to shore and walked around the small village of Villefranche.  We had no map, no suggestions and no idea what there was to see.  I didn’t care myself as I’m a café hack. We strolled around some avenue, went up and down stairs, and went into little shops and such.
Linda discovered a very tiny (and when I say tiny I mean roughly 10ft x 8 ft couture consignment shop). This very fabulous women had some extremely elegant and gently used good and beautiful handbags.  It took all my strength to restrain myself.  1) god knows I don’t need another designer handbag 2) this may the French Riviera but reality is, I’m a hard working single mom from America and I can’t just go dropping cash at every whim (even though it would be super cool…wouldn’t it?). We tried to buy the Chanel belt off her body but it was a no-go, not for sale. I would have rebudgeted my 4th quarter for that belt.

We didn’t have a whole lot of time, clearly due to the late start. My favorite part of the day was just sitting in an café with my sister. I don’t call myself the café society hack for nothing, but I know who I am and I know the lifestyle that I adore.  We sat, drank wine, enjoyed small plates and smoke cigarettes (which I CAN’T do at home….not that I’m a smoker but hey, I’m on vacation…in Europe and it can’t be the total café life without it) and just talked.  I so love the café life.  I miss home and I miss my children and certain people but my soul lives in these places.


So that is where we spent the remainder of the day.  We caught a 5pm tender back to the boat and met Vonny in the solarium to sit and enjoy the view…and mas Sangria.  We decided to skip our dining seating and continue to enjoy the sunset and the view as we leave this bayside village.

I have no idea what kind of shenanigans  we will get into tonight but perhaps it will be like the other night (see below)


…or we will stay put right here drinking sangria, snacking, and call it an early night. Early call tomorrow as I have arranged a day with a guide. No sleeping in!


To end this day, all I can say is I am grateful for my life and the people in my life.  I am grateful for my siblings (even though the brothers are not here…although they should be) my beloved sisters who turn out to be the best travel companions, my job for being my family away from family, my friends and closer for following me along on my escapades, and most of all my children who, despite me not taking them on another European adventure, don’t hold it against me. I’m even grateful for my ex-husband and his wife who are flexible enough to allow me time for me to indulge in my worldly explorations and be fully in charge of the kids lives when I am gone (I am totally serious, I could not do this without your support).

So as the sun sets, I say good-night to you all.  I’ll be back tomorrow…from my beloved ITALY.


Au revoir!!!

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2 thoughts on “Day 4: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

  1. Like Ville-Franche a lot. When we were there, we took a funky little tourist train around the cliff over to Nice. Have you seen doggies at the cafes? Those Europeans — especially the French– love their doggies!

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