Day 6: Rome…I never get tired of you.

Let me count the endless reasons why.  This post is basically repetitive of the millions of times I’ve expressed my love for this city.  On this trip we hired another private driver and we visited many of my favorite locations.  It was the first time my sisters have been here. It was a l-o-n-g day doing drive-by’s to many well known spots that we just didn’t have the time to fully appreciate, to not so well known spots such as the Aventine Hill, Protestant Cemetery and Scala Sancta (Holy Stairs which Linda and I did go up…on our knees.)  We were so exhausted by mid-afternoon we lost our steam for shopping.  I know, right?  I came all this way none of us bought a thing.  We had an excellent driver and guide, Giuliani and I appreciated his humor, knowledge and patience dealing with us three old sisters.

I never tire of this place.  I could walk and walk for days, I could sit in the park and look out over the city for hours, I could spend long afternoon in the cafe talking. I love the Italian people and I love this country.

I didn’t take many pictures as I’ve already taken many already in past trips (see other blog).  But here are a few anyway.

Basilica of Saint Paul, Outside the Wall.  I had never seen this before. Linda thought it important…after all, he and Jesus were good friends, right? 🙂



Tomb of St. Paul…unconfirmed.

We also stopped at the Scala Sancta and Linda and I went up the stairs on our knees.  Sadly no photos were allowed, which was too bad because I had no idea how hard it would be.  It was hard to remain reverent and silent when your sister is making pain faces from the knee strain.

The rest  included some favorites of mine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

   Sisters are the most fun.


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2 thoughts on “Day 6: Rome…I never get tired of you.

  1. Isn’t the food just amazing? The simplest things — fresh fish & pasta — just look & taste so much better than at home! I’m guessing tomorrow must be my buddy, Jack the driver. Hope he takes you along the Amalfi Coast & to Ravello & Pompeii — enjoy!

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