Day 9: Back in Barcelona

The ship came back to the Barcelona port today.  We could not check into our apartment until 3:00pm so instead of lugging our luggage around Barcelona for 6 hours, we opted for late checkout off the ship.  That meant we could hang out around the pool deck and café until 2:30pm.  We left our room at the required 9am and went for a bit of breakfast.  Afterwards, we planted ourselves in the solarium.  Linda and Vonny fell asleep in the lounge chairs. I still had some internet time left so I got online and did some work for a few hours.


By the time 5 hours past I was itching to get off the boat.  I suppose that was a good thing because most people get depressed when vacation was over and they had to head to the airport.  We still had a few days in Barcelona to look forward to.  We didn’t leave the boat until getting one last turn at the self service ice cream machine.


Off we went around 3pm.  Our apartment was less than 10 minutes away. During this time I’m emailing with the apartment owner (which another sister booked) and he asked for cash payment upon arrival.  Clearly that sister did not re-read her paperwork before this trip and we were not prepared.  I don’t like being ill prepared….We were met and let in and then told the lady that we needed to go to the bank across the street.  Of course, it was Sunday… We could not get the needed funds out of the first bank.  The owner was understanding and told us he’d come back tomorrow.  So, we spend the rest of the afternoon going bank to bank trying to pull funds via credit card. I tried at the Deutche Bank but those cards have that “chip” which American cards don’t have. Again…it’s Sunday and there was no teller to help us out.   Finally, after finding one good ATM we pulled enough euros and my anxiety was rested.

We then walked back through tiny streets, that reminded me of Rome, and tried to navigate back to the apartment. So many cool shops that need to be explored in depth. Also, so many people were out.  From what I heard it’s the Merce festival (Our Lady of Mercy) this week. I’m not entirely sure what the Virgin Mary has to do with fire breathing dragons and mean kitties, but ok, if you say so Barcelona.  It should certainly make for an interesting few days.

Back at the apartment, after picking up some wine and laundry soap, we cleaned up, started some laundry and made a small snack.   Finally around 9pm we decided to head out for some dinner…because that’s what they do around here. We are in a fairly chic neighborhood so we didn’t have to go far.  I must say, it was really, really good. 10:30pm and the streets and restaurants were still full of people. San Francisco could learn a lesson from the night life around here.



Now back at the apartment and ready for sleep. Can you tell who has the pinkest cheeks?


Good night. Tomorrow is a run-around and tour day.

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2 thoughts on “Day 9: Back in Barcelona

  1. All sounds good. Best way to see Barcelona — HOHO bus! I think there’s several routes — they’re a good deal & let you explore on your own. Definitely they go to Sagrada Familia but maybe not to Parc Guell, which you have to see for its beautiful mosaics. Have fun!!

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