Day 10: Barcelona day two

Today in Barcelona…

It certainly is nice to not rush ourselves out of bed to get off a ship for a tour.  Linda finally came into Vonny and my room around 9am and rousted us up with a very enthusiastic “Let’s go see Barcelona!”  We were still pretty slow going but made it out by 11am.  Our agenda was to see  the neighborhood of Eixample, which is known for all the “Gaudi greats” (buildings).  The metro was right outside our apartment door which was fortunate because there was some rain today.  Linda was leading the tour today.  She had a plan to follow a walking tour and after seeing the architecture, we could head back to Passeig de Gracia which is a main shopping street.  Well…as usual that didn’t happen.  We did walk the path of the guided tour, but we shopped AS we went along.  It’s so nice to shop in Europe.  Unlike chain crazy, big boxmart USofA, there are so many small boutiques, independent shops, market stalls, local designs and don’t even get me started about the shoes! Ok, yes…we did end up at Chanel too.


But let’s get back to Gaudi.  There was the…

Casa Batlló:  I would have like to go inside but was early in the day and line was around the block.


Casa Milà …which was under renovation.  However, we went into a little shop on the first floor and in the back they had a window that allowed you to see inside.


And of course the Sagrata Familia.  The enormity of that basilica was pretty spectacular.  I may not go to church very often but I can tell you, having a bit of a religious education certainly helped understand the art and architecture of the place.


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The museum had interesting museum displays on how Gaudi used gravity and sandbags to understand and measure the angles he needed for his vision.  This photo, if turned upside down mirrors the interior of the basilica. Fascinating.

Although,  I don’t know what the artist was thinking when he thought baby chucking was a good idea…


It was a long day and we headed back before our feet fell off.  We were way too tired and lazy to go out so we stayed in and Vonny cooked a nice pasta for dinner.  The rest of the evening we lounged on the couch listening to the rain and watching Spanish dubbed TV.  My Spanish must be improving just being here, I can make it through the programs enough to get the gist of the story.  Today at Sagrata Familia, I spoke in Spanish to the ticket guy asked me how I spoke so well (he must have been hearing impaired…) and I also made an effort to practice my Spanish when picking up my audio tour headset.  That guy asked me if I wanted my audio tour in French.  French?  Was my Spanish so bad that it had a French accent? Weird. Back to TV…the only familiar American program that I saw was… Bob Esponja Pantalones (that had me giggling for quite some time).


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