Day 11: Barcelona day three

Barcelona you won again today…oh my aching dogs (feet).

Last night (more like this morning) Linda went to hit the shower and Vonny asked me what time it was. I said, “11am..” “WHAT!!!!” she howled. No one had any idea what time it was. Needless to say, it was even late before we got ourselves tucked into bed. Late into bed meant late out of bed and we didn’t get our act out the door until 1pm today.

First on the agenda, to see the Museu d’Història de Barcelona. As they say, all of Barcelona is a pretty much a museum. Underneath this particular spot was an archaeological site, with remains of an old Roman colony. It was pretty fascinating. It’s always interesting to me to think that this is just a fraction of what is underground in these places. I think anyone who has not visited Barcelona should make this the first stop on the list. I think it gives you a greater appreciation of the neighborhoods and small streets you encounter. Me being me, also could not help but think…gee, thousands of years have come and gone and these artifacts, of a life we can’t even imagine, are still here.. We are just a short “blip”on this radar of life. There is no reason to live an unhappy life so surround yourself with people who love you and go experience incredible things big and small. This exhibit is living proof that you can’t take it with you. Enjoy life, it can be and IS fun.


Still stained with blue ink dye in the laundry area.


“Photos” of the deceased

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From the outside, this little window looks down into the ruins underneath.

Next our fun continued just strolling through the street shops and narrow alleys.

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Shop after shop after shop including this cute little shop called Kokua of only ballerina flats and leather totes.


This great recycle shop that takes vinyl banners from events around Barcelona and up-cycles them into bags, belts and other items.


Sweet shops with enormous meringue treats.


Best of all was this delicious market called La Boqueria  full of everything good! Every turn was a good picture. Fresh fruit juices and cups of olives were only a Euro each.


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We did our evening market shop before we went back to the apartment and Linda made us some small plates.  We didn’t even get to the fresh empanadas we bought…


The figs…oh my god, the figs…they were luscious red and sweet as jam. It pains me that we don’t have markets like this in the US. It pains me to think I have to go home in two days. I love Italy and now I love Barcelona too. Seriously…sell my house, send the kids..they speak enough Spanish to get by (I’m kidding…sorta…not really) 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Day 11: Barcelona day three

  1. It looks like you three are having a wonderful time!! You all look beautiful, tell Evon to get her cute ass in front of the camera.Love the blogs Susan. Xo

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