Day 12: Gracias Barcelona

Well, we’ve come to the end. Last day of vacation before we head back to the states. Even the skies of Barcelona cried for us today.

Poor Linda, she did not feel so well so she was in bed most of the day and needed to be in proper shape for a long travel day home.


Vonny and I headed out for a walk. It’s the official La Mercè holiday today so much of the city (except for restaurants) was closed. The mall by the harbor was open but it was like most malls around the world,  nothing too interesting too see. We continued our stroll along the harbor where many market booths were busy with tourists. Again, we saw many vendors selling the same items seen at markets in Berkeley or San Francisco. A few good booths along the way with local artisans items.  A final few turns around our neighborhood where I spotted some street art that I liked.


Back at the apartment we checked on Linda who was slowly crawling back from the dead. We began the re-packing task trying to fit all our European purchases into our luggage.

We went for one last evening stroll before the sunset and around the surrounding area. We ended the night, Barcelona style, with late night tapas and a glass of wine. 11pm and the Cafe Life was still thriving.



After I get home to California and take a moment to savor the memories, I’ll cap off this blog with my final thoughts and bits of travel advice for anyone looking to explore this little corner of the world. Thank you to all of you who followed us on our adventure. It’s time to say my final good-night to lovely Barcelona. Gracias Barcelona, thank you for having us, we look forward to your company again.

Chao chao


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