Christmas Road Trip 2014

Ben and I headed to Vegas for Christmas this year.  I don’t celebrate in the typical American Christmas fashion.  I suppose I did while I was married and the kids experience it with their Dad’s family.  Since my only Father passed, the holidays have just seemed…different.  I think I’m still searching for my Christmas. What still remains the same is my love for the open road.  So off we went.  Instead of the usual path through the central valley of California and then cutting east at Bakersfield, we went east to Reno and then south through Nevada.  I would have never thought I’d love the dessert as much as I do but, man it’s beautiful.   There are these little towns that you come across that just seem lost in time.  I really wish I could spend more time but it’s all a blur through my rear view mirror.  It started to snow, it was pitch black darkness outside so we pulled over for the night as the Mizpah Hotel.  At one time it was the tallest building in Nevada at three stories.  It also, excitedly, comes with a ghost and the hotel itself was featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures.  Although we stayed in the infamous Room 502, we had no sightings.  I’m guessing the lady isn’t mean to other ladies and children.





Waiting for ghosts in 502



The Wild Wild West.


Las Vegas itself turned out to be much like Vegas is all the times we come to town.  Lots of eating and just enjoying the company of family.  Ben did get me out on the strip on Christmas evening. We happened upon a ticket seller for the new High Roller observation wheel on the strip who was hawking discounted “ladies” night tickets that bought you admission for 2 and a free drink for $20.  “Ben,” I said, “Looks like  you are my date tonight.  So we got our tickets and a free mango slushie (sans vodka) and enjoyed the 30 minute ride to see the lights of Vegas.  From the top we spotted a parking lot with a snow tubing slide.  We headed over to it next because how often do you go winter tubing in Vegas?  Can I just say on my part, that was a mistake.  That sucker was steep, icy and fast.  I kept thinking I needed a helmet.






We only stayed for two days and Sunday morning we are up bright and early to hit the road back home….in a record 8 hours and 30 minutes.




Update:  Not to long ago during Summer 2015, Ben and I were talking about random stuff.  He happen to mention that this was his favorite Christmas ever. Even though he was in a car on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, he just loved the adventure of the open road and doing things he’s never done before.  Who spends Christmas Eve in a haunted hotel?  We do, I guess…  That made me happy and I personally felt a little less weird in our unorthodox version of celebrating Christmas.


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