Winter in South Lake Tahoe…..Sure wish we had snow.

Spent a wonderful long weekend in South Lake Tahoe with my camping group.  Of course, it’s winter so instead of tents we had 3 days at the beautiful Fjeldheim.  Even though we were a party of about 40 there was more than enough space for communal meals, hiking,  games, napping, and just enjoying each others company.

We ventured out to Lake Tahoe for a walk and it was invigorating to be there in winter when the campgrounds were empty and the lake alive with waves.


We even took a jaunt to the other side of the Sierra into Nevada where we witnessed a huge sandstorm that took down trees and power lines.  It made for an amazing view of the desert.


That incident caused us to detour and into  Genoa, Nevada, population 939,  which happened to be the first settlement in Nevada (you just know I love the educational aspects of my adventures). Also, where one finds the first settlement of Nevada means one finds the first BAR in Nevada.  It was pretty sweet, especially after my Christmas excursion through the state, I highly recommend Nevada for a road trip.


Sadly, although my ski gear was in the car for this winter getaway, we were plagued with warm weather (oh no, not warm weather!) and occasional rain.  We did get a short spot of snow and that made for a lovely winter hike.  IMG_3813



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