Why, Kauai of course…

I’m on a roll.  Off I went again, this time a long weekend on Hawaiian island of Kauai.  For years I’ve had no problem flying from San Francisco to NYC for a quick weekend with the girls.  I don’t know why it never occurred to me to go the other direction. It turned out that this was a three day weekend with Presidents day so I decided to crash my mates holiday for three days.  Normally this would have been slightly costly to buy a ticket in under seven days, however I’ve been banking frequent flyer miles forever so it was time to cash some in.

it was a quick hour flight from Oakland to LA and then another 6 hours to Kauai. I arrived very late on Friday evening and outside of hotel lounges, it did not appear that Kauai had much of a nightlife.  So it was a quick welcome beer on a very dark beach and then off to bed.

For the next three days my mornings were filled with rooster wake-up calls followed by daily hikes (or two),waterfalls, botanical gardens and naps on the beach.  The mountains and gardens were lush and green, hikes at times were like Indiana Jones adventures as we trekked through mud and through intertwined branches and I was even lucky enough to see a few whales and sea turtles.  Thankfully my mate is quite the hiker/navigator and I had the luxury of just going along for the ride.  It gave me time to enjoy the views, meditate with my thoughts and enjoy just being there in the now.

After the third day, it was the red-eye back to Oakland and straight to work.  *sigh*  Gotta fund that travel habit.


IMG_3987 Kauai’s Hindu Monastery



Limahuli Botanical Garden


Kauai Blog gives a bit more information about those Kauai Roosters.


Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

 Although the main building is dated and in need of finding a useful direction for its vacant spaces, the newly renovated guest rooms are very nice.  The pool deck is not large but it has a sweeping view across the lawn to the beach.  While I was there it was a peaceful and quite spot to read in the sun or watch the yoga class being conducted on the lawn.



A couple of the many waterfalls of Kauai



Mahalo, Kauai!





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