Shanghai Spring Break

Friends stared at me like blinking penguins when I said that I was taking Ben to China for spring break.  I guess many people we are acquainted with head to the beach or go camping. Frankly, they are probably right because when I was a kid, spring break just meant a week to run around the neighborhood.  However, I’m an adventurer and he is an adventurer in the making….and neither one of us can fathom the idea of 5-7 days of just sitting on a beach.  We want to see things, learn things, eat weird things, walk the path of historical figures, and contemplate our existence in the grand scheme of the universe (ok, maybe that last one is just me).

China is a whole new territory for me and honestly, I’m a bit nervous.  Granted Shanghai is still pretty cosmopolitan as far as China goes but this isn’t just a country with big street names with 15 letters, this is a land of characters that I can’t even begin to decipher.  For all I know things turn out to be neatly labeled in English but I haven’t been there so I really don’t know, nor have I even cracked open the guide book.  To some extent, Ben and I are winging it and it’s kind of exciting.  There is a bit of melancholy along with this too. Some subjects I keep off social media but the one I will share is that tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday.  He would have been 89.  He was my biggest advocate and supporter of my wanderlust.  I hope in whatever energy capacity his matter exists, he’s out here with us.

I hear that China is not very USA social media friendly.  Who knows if I will be able to blog or instagram while I’m away (oh no!!!).  If not, it will certainly be a new experience for me to be unplugged from those at home, a new experience in a very exotic land (or seeing as I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, maybe not?).

Good, bad or ugly, I’m so looking forward to this adventure.  Are you?




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