Willkommen in Düsseldorf!

I’m off again for a few days of R&R in Europe.  I left San Francisco Saturday morning and after a brief stop in Atlanta, landed in Düsseldorf at 8am.  Flying to Europe from the west coast is always a bit of a chore.  From Atlanta it was an easy 7.5 hours. Oh if it was only that short every time!  It’s a tempting reason to move to the East Coast…kinda sorta…however I don’t know that I could give up California for a few hours of convenience flying.

Unlike previous flight adventures, I don’t have any good stories.  It was pretty uneventful.  I even passed through German customs in record time.  The German was there to pick me up and off we went in search of every Cafe Society Hacks first order of business…coffee.   It being Sunday and perhaps because it was also the Christmas holiday not much was open.   When the car stopped, I was delighted to find we were next to the famous Gehry buildings.  We had our coffee and went for a stroll.


After dropping my bags at the house and taking a bit of a rest, we were out and about again. We stopped at the Classic Remise which is a renovated historic locomotive roundhouse.  People with entirely too much money can rent these glassed enclosed garages to house their classic cars.  There are also a few specialized auto shops for working on these cars and a showroom where you can sell your car.  It was interesting to see several with price tags over 150,000 Euros. There was even one for over 300,000 Euros. It wasn’t all fancy cars.  There were some classic Volkswagen Bugs and Vans.  There was even a Vespa section.  I think Ben would have enjoyed seeing these cars.  IMG_9477

It’s not a surprise to say, I was feeling really feeling the jet lag by late afternoon. We went for another stroll in a small park where there was a sweet little noshery where visitors can stop for coffee, cake and of course.



I am pleased to find the weather quite mild.  I even think it was in the low 60’s. No snow, no need for a hat.  I hope that this lasts through the whole trip.

The night ended at Frango Portuguses where we enjoyed dinner with some local friends.  Since this was my first meeting, I had to resist the American urge to take pictures of my food.  Trust me, it was really good.

It is now Monday and although there is a foreign city I do not know outside this window I am moving at a snails pace.  I slept in, I casually sipped my morning coffee, lingered in a hot shower, and enjoying this quiet “me” time sitting at the kitchen table catching up on this blog and listening to German radio playing most of the pop tunes heard back at home.  I like to think that this isn’t my last time here so I’m going to savor it instead of rush it.


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