Siblings are the best travel Buddies – Big Island Hawaii

I’ve been pestering my siblings for years that we needed to take a sibling trip together.  5 years ago we lost our Dad and together we took a trip to his hometown in the Philippines to inter his ashes alongside his parents.  Solemn occasion aside, we had the best time together.  Lots of joking and laughing in between the tears.  Being single, living far off state with no family other than my own children sometimes I need a trip like this.  Our Big Island vacation has been a year in the making.   5 siblings need as much lead time as possible to coordinate schedules.

We rented this beautiful house in Wikiloa.  Pricey yes, but between 10 professional adults, totally doable.  It also gave us access to the Kolea Beach Club and the Hilton amenities, which in hindsight, I wish I would have used more.


Big Island is really interesting.  If you land in Kona, it’s like an alien planet.  Lava rock everywhere.  However, if you drive to the Hilo side, lots of lush green.  I was here once, in 1976….. I don’t recall much except seeing a volcano.  This time we actually hiked the rim of Kilauea Iki, then down and across the crater and back up. There were also hikes down cliffs, through lava trails and around corners.  I pretty much covered the whole island west, east and north. There were also many hilarious moments between the siblings.  We are and will always be a tight knit group.  Like the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas,” in this case, Hawaii.  Enjoy the picture show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plenty to do and see on Big Island.  But it’s a vacation, hanging with my siblings is what it’s all about.


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