iPhone Adventures


I lost my phone in Rome today.  It’s a huge bummer when you are in a foreign country with crazy streets and alley ways and suddenly no way to see your maps or get in touch with your friends.  This is the story, and believe me, it’s a good one.

My friend Jeff and I went rambling through Rome today.  We had no set plan, just decided to walk, sit, drink beer, walked some more, stopped into a church so I could light a candle for my dad, and just check out the sights along the way.   Half way through the day we decided to grab a cab and head up to Santa Sabina church and check out the views.   As we got out the cab, we both turned around and both checked the seats to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.  Five minutes into the church I went to grab my phone and it wasn’t there….oh oh.

Immediately Jeff began to call my phone hoping someone would pick it up.  No luck.  Nothing we could do at that point so I told him to text me a message that said LOST PHONE with his name and contact.  It was an iPhone so I figured it was a lost cause or somehow the universe had my back and the taxi guy would find it.  I figured when I got back to my apartment, I would try “Find your iPhone” app and send out an alert that way.

We continued on with our afternoon at various spots and we Whatsapp’ed other members of our group to check-in, see where people were, and if anyone want to meet at various locations in the city.   About two hours later we moved on to Campo de Fiori to meet up with another traveler from our group at a bar for yet another round of beer.

After sitting for 40 minutes, an arm came over my left shoulder and in the hand of that arm was my phone.  Completely stunned I turned around and two young people were behind me with my phone.  I was in total shock and after a quick hug of excited relief I asked, “Where did you find it and how did you know I was here?”  They told me they found my phone on the ground at the church and went on an adventure to find me.  They followed the Whatsapp messages on my notification screen and they could track where I was going because Jeff was messaging everyone about our whereabouts.  It didn’t even occur to me that those messages were showing up!!

I then asked, “how did you know it was me? “The young woman laughed and said, I look at your contact info in your emergency button and I know your birthday, that you are 48, and you have no allergies!”  My picture was there so they knew I had beached white hair.  What a good laugh that was!

Let me tell you, I was stunned and overjoyed.  I invited them for a drink but the young woman said she would love to stay but she really had to go.  She told the young man to stay and enjoy the drink. I thought that comment odd at first, telling him to stay, but get this…they didn’t really know each other.  I don’t know if they ran into each other up at that church or were members on a tour group…but they didn’t really know each other when they discovered the phone. Yet these two decided to take my phone on an adventure together to reunite me with my lost phone.  I was floored that they took the time to do this.  Two people seeing the sits of Rome taking the time to return a phone? When do you ever hear about that happening??  I asked them for a selfie and they laughed and said they had already taken one, it’s on my phone.

The best part of this whole story, the young man declined my offer to buy him a drink in order to go with the young woman and follow her back. That comment folks won the “OMG that’s the sweetest thing ever!!” award for the day.   If you ask me, this adventure is a movie just waiting to be made.

I never did get their names, but here they are.  I guess the universe did have my back today.


Thanks guys, you really made my day.  I hope the little adventure with my phone made yours. **hugs**








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